Need a little inspiration?  The incredible athletes below each have a unique story on their journey to complete the Halfsy.  Why do you run?

The 2017 Halfsy Heroes


Tonya O’Neel

Tonya will insist that she is not a runner and describes fitness as “out of my comfort zone.” Follow Tonya as she balances day and night jobs and training for her first half marathon.


Robert Riek

This could be the story of a man who watches from the sidelines, but this Halfsy Hero knows he isn’t just fighting for himself, but to change the identity expectations for people who didn’t know participating in life was still an option.


Korey Donahoo

As one of the founders of American Outlaws, a non-profit whose aim is to unify fans of US Soccer, Korey has made a career of igniting the human spirit. Follow this unlikely runner on his humorous journey to complete his first half marathon.


Susan Swearer

In the years, months, and weeks leading up to the Good Life Halfsy, Susan had to face obstacle after obstacle including a near-catastrophic injury, pneumonia, and rehabilitation. Follow Susan on her journey to overcome.