Race Day For Spectators

Normally we LOVE spectators at the Good Life Halfsy and the race is known for its amazing crowd support and cheer stations. However, for 2020 we ask fans to respect our request to have no spectators this year and to follow your athlete virtually.

2020 Spectator Info

As mentioned above, we normally LOVE spectators on race day. However, for safety, please no spectators this year at the start or finish line areas unless the spectator is accompanying a participating minor. Friends or family may drop you off or pick you up, but spectating in these areas is not allowed.

Any spectators along the running route should practice social distancing and follow all local directed health measures. We plan to bring back organized cheer stations and spectator locations in future years.

Thank you for understanding.

See below for information on athlete tracking.

Athlete Tracking

Fans have two options to follow their athlete’s progress on race day:

Simple Live Results

Fans can use simple live results to view live splits of their athlete at 5K, 10 mile and finish line waypoints. You simply need to know the athlete’s bib number.

RaceJoy Athlete Tracking

Use the RaceJoy app for advanced tracking of participants and show your support with cheer sending. Participants set up for tracking in RaceJoy and carry their phone as they complete the course. Spectators track participants’ actual location in a map view and can send audio cheers. Participants need to opt-in for spectators to track them in RaceJoy.

Race Joy for Athletes

Athletes must download the RaceJoy App, get setup to be tracked, and then activate tracking and carry their smartphone with them.

Race Joy for Fans

Athletes must first be setup to be tracked. Then fans can download the RaceJoy App and track and and send cheers to their athlete virtually.

As part of our Halfsy Run Safe Commitment, some of these details may change, but don’t worry, you can Register With Confidence thanks to the Halfsy Registration Guarantee.