Race Day For Spectators

Get ready to cheer your heart out! Join over 15,000 spectators along the course to make Halfsy runners feel like rocks stars.

Spectator Guide

The essential guide for spectators of the Good Life Halfsy. Includes maps of the course, start line, finish line, and cheer stations as well as preferred driving routes and directions.

Cheer Stations

If you’re not running the Good Life Halfsy, there’s no better way to spend the day than cheering wildly with other like-minded fanatics. Cheer stations are the best locations on the course to spectate. They’ll have music and will be stocked with vuvuzelas, cowbells, signs, thunder sticks, and other assorted goodies. See maps below for cheer station locations and best driving routes.

Athlete Tracking

Fans have a few options to follow their athlete’s progress on race day:

Simple Live Results

Fans can use simple live results to view live splits of their athlete at 5K, 10 mile and finish line waypoints. You simply need to know the athlete’s bib number.

Course Maps